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Inverness songwriter Carla Bak was recently awarded a $4,000 scholarship 

I want to thank Jim Davis, Adele Jacobson and Music In Medicine for presenting this opportunity! This is a new adventure 
I'm anticipating with great enthusiasm! Thank you for the chance to broaden my knowledge and enrich my musical endeavors that will undoubtedly benefit others as well. 

A6 Citrus County Chronicle 01/30/2020 

Special To The Chronicle 
from Citrus nonprofit Music in 
Medicine, which provides therapeutic music to hospital, 
nursing home and hospice patients. 

Carla Bak of Inverness has been awarded a $4,000 
scholarship from Music in Medicine, a local nonprofit 
organization, enabling her to train to become a therapeutic musician. 

“Carla is a perfect fit for Music in Medicine” said 
Adele Jacobson, founder and president of Music in 
Medicine. “The learning is a journey, and at the end of 
the journey, Carla will have developed skills and 
sensitivity as well as an understanding of how 
therapeutic music works and how to deliver it.” 
Typically, it takes about a year to work through the entire 

Bak will perform briefly when Music in Medicine 
holds its second annual fundraising event at 6 p.m. 
Friday, Feb. 21 at Crystal Oaks Civic Association 
Cub House, 4958 W. Crystal Oaks Drive, Lecanto. 
The event features Citrus Strings. Tickets may be 
purchased at the door for $20 or by emailing